Fire Inspections

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The installation of a quality fire detection and suppression system is a great safeguard to protect and mitigate the potential loss of life and property. In the event of a fire, regular inspections will ensure this equipment will function as intended when needed. Our staff are factory trained and/or certified to complete fire inspections to BC Fire Code, CAN/ULC, and NFPA standards.

In addition to the peace of mind, the BC Fire Code and many insurance companies require fire protection system to be inspections at least once per year. We supply and service all major brands of fire alarm, detection, and suppression systems and equipment.

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  • Certified inspections that meet your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and/or annual requirements
  • Trained technicians that are capable of handling all your fire detection and suppression system needs
  • Flexible scheduling of inspection and testing services to help reduce disruption for you and your building(s)
  • Professional administration to ensure accuracy, avoid mistakes, and provide great customer service


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[/column][column width=”2/3″ place=”last” ] [headline]Fire Extinguishers[/headline] [feature icon=”ico-fire”]In addition to supplying the right fire extinguishers for your application, we can help with mounting, inspecting, testing, repair, recharging, and installing the required signage as necessary.[/feature]


[headline]Sprinkler Systems[/headline] [feature icon=”ico-tint”]We provide periodic testing to ensure your sprinkler system and related components fully comply with NFPA standards including the identification of any inadequate or unsafe conditions, inspection of sprinkler system performance, conduct flow tests, inspect fire department signal connections, and tag as required.[/feature]


[headline]Fire Alarm Control Panels[/headline] [feature icon=”ico-adjust-alt”]Our technicians are capable of installing, configuring, and testing fire protection equipment control panels to ensure your systems will operate properly in the event of an emergency.[/feature]


[headline]Other Fire Protection Equipment[/headline] [feature icon=”ico-briefcase”]We also inspect kitchen suppression systems, special hazard systems, emergency lighting, and fire exits.